Your project is on its way! Upload your artwork files here. It’s easy: simply press the cloud upload icon and drag your files to the screen or select them from your hard drive. Try to upload all files at once since each upload creates a separate folder on our server.

Accepted Files

Artwork Files Accepted

  • Adobe Illustrator and InDesign (turn text into outlines, CMYK)
  • Adobe PhotoShop PSD (300 dpi, CMYK, keep layers intact)
  • Adobe PDF (high quality-press ready)
  • JPEG, TIFF (300 dpi, CMYK)
  • Spot color images must be color separated

Master Files Accepted

  • DDP
  • ISO Disc Image
  • ZIP or StuffIt files with complete file/directory structure
  • Video File(s) to be turned into a DVD-Video disc
  • Audio File(s) to be turned into a CD-Audio disc
  • Please specify a VOLUME NAME for a data disc (CD-ROM or DVD-ROM)

Upload Files